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The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well.


The best way to gain stocks trading advantage is to fraternize with core professionals who have mastered the tricks, trends, and gained a wide range of analytical and technical knowledge that are not just the most efficient, but also legendary. 

We realised that in order to succeed,  it’s important to understand and believe that success is very possible. So why not take that bold step today. .and gain that much needed financial freedom. 


Real-time Stocks Forecasts

Staying on top of your game as a Stocks trader, requires all the real-time trading tips and professional guidelines. Achieving this has been a huge nightmare to stock traders and enthusiasts. This explains why we have come up with this awesome solution, to help you stay in profit, whether you are in a bearish colony or a bullish paradise. 
We therefore invite you to view our daily US Stocks Forecasts, and also obtain the best advisory service from your trusted stocks trading experts. 


Investment Management & Advisory Service

Here at Wilgale Forecasts, we prime your financial growth and stability in every decision we make. 
We understand you need that all-inclusive cost-effect solution, that addresses the challenges in effectively and efficiently managing your investment portfolio, while optimizing opportunities in record time. Why not talk to our professionals about your unique investment needs? 


 Crypto-currency Exchange

We are constantly innovating, and capturing interesting new services, that impact positively on our Members’ financial well-being. Our team have focused more on key drivers of  investment growth dynamics in today’s new finance order. We have therefore noted with keen interest, that Crypto currencies are fast becoming the generally accept ‘new money’. We therefore happily undertake to provide you this service in a way that guarantees safety and wealth creation . 


Stocks Brokerage

As a retail trader, we can connect you to the best  stock markets available. From planning, funds sourcing, investment timing, and every other underlying factor, we offer you a very friendly window, to help get your financial plan in the right course, while also holding your hands every step of the way.
Why not discuss with our professionals today. Gain the trading advantage you have always wanted.


 The Team

An awesome Organization like Wilgale Forecasts obviously has the best collection of industry professionals who work everyday to achieve set goals, and ultimately improve the lives of our Members. 

Victor Nwabudike

Founder & CEO

Mr. Victor is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with several years of working experience in the capital markets industry. His core areas of expertise include Capital Markets analysis, United States’ stocks forecasting,  business development, and process improvements.
Mr. Victor is a tested and experienced stocks forecasts professional. He is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Lagos. 

Ambrose Chukwuma

Co-founder & ICT Manager

Mr. Ambrose Chukwuma is a renowned Blockchain and ICT Expert, with over 12 years of both working and practical experience. 
Armed with a degree in Accounting, and several advanced professional certifications in the tech industry, Mr. Ambrose is bringing in the much needed expertise and required skills, to drive the entire project’s global reach, and image.

Segun Akindele

Co-founder & Corporate Affairs Manager 

Segun is bringing the much needed expertise in Management and strategic growth drives, for Wilgale Forecasts. He is an experienced business developer, and development consultant, with over 15 years practical experience. Segun is happily married with kids. 

Ayo Balogun

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Ayo’s is a versatile investment professional with about two decades of experience at the highest level of the capital markets and investment banking. He is a fellow and a council member of the Chattered Institute of Stockbrokers of Nigeria.. Ayo is presently the Managing Director of Cashcraft. 

Mr. Ntong Victor Sunday

Chief Marketing And Brand Manager

Mr. Ntong  is a capital market enthusiast with expertise in finance and investments. 
This ABU Zaria  Alumnus has a great passion for sales and marketing, and has been saddled with the responsibility of positioning WilgaleForecasts for growth and expansion. 
He is currently undergoing professional trainings at the  Chartered Institute of Stockbroker, and Chartered Institute of Securities And Investment, UK.

Fabian Ohore

Director; Investment & Advisory Unit. 

Mr. Fabian is a licensed business professional, and a renowned business solutions provider. Armed with a Master’s degree from Baruch college, he has continued to help businesses develope, stabilize, and maximize wealth.  His over 10years career in providing business and financial management solutions will bring the much needed direction to the investment needs and choices of our teaming clients.

Precious Owolabi

Intern; Investment & Advisory Unit. 

Precious is a very talented and dynamic young man whose experiences and works in Investment Management & Forex trading, has helped a lot of institutional and individual players in the industry. He is bringing this tested knowledge to Wilgale, particularly in the investment & advisory unit.
 Precious is currently taking specialized courses at the Obafemi Awolowo University.







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